New Images Released For Tarantino XXX’s Luke Cage

Luke Cage XXX Logo

Porn parody director Tarantino XXX has released some new character images from his upcoming comic parody film “Luke Cage XXX”.

It stars Jovan Jordan (who’s also a co-producer) in the title role and also features September Reign as Misty Knight, Sammi Ross as Mariah Dillard, Charlotte Sartre as Jessica Jones, Chris Cock as Cottonmouth, Adam Christopher as Shades, and Robby Echo as Danny Rand/Iron Fisted.

Based on the hit Netflix/Marvel show & characters, Tarantino describes the film as a comic porn parody film if done by the real Tarantino mixed with elements of 70s blaxploitation and kung fu movies.  He got the idea to do the film when Quentin Tarantino commented in the press last year that he almost did a comic book film in 1997 based on the Luke Cage: Hero For Hire Marvel comic from 1978.

“It came to me when I was reading that story and with the influx of comic book porn parodies and cosplay geek culture in porn, it just made sense to me to dip my toe into this and I’m also a huge comic geek myself in real life”.
The film will be released via streaming exclusively on Tarantino XXX’s Only Fans profile ( starting March 15th before coming out on DVD in late April from VIP Digital Media.

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