Hot Movies Announces “PornStar March Madness Tournament” For Charity

In a move all to familiar for just simple “vote for me” click bait and retweets by having porn girls featured in a March Madness like tournament tagging them just to promote your site is kinda lame and predictable (see Missy Martinez’s tweet a few days ago)

But this porn girl tournament recently announced by Hot Movies is actually cool and is for good reason.  All votes tallied in this tournament will not only go to support your favorite porn girl to move on in the next rounds but the winner of this tournament will give money away to their favorite charity.

Makes sense right? So instead of doing this sort of schtick for clogging up twitter timelines this is actually being done for the right reason.  Bravo Hot Movies for coming up with this.  Vote support your favorite porn girl see if they move onto the next round and in the end money and promo is for a good cause.

To vote on the Hot Movies Porn Tournament click here:

For more info follow Hot Movies on twitter (@HotMovies)


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