“Jakodema On Screwbox, Big Budget Features & Chasing The Dream”

Director Jakodema discussed in an interview with Adult Empire Blog about the creation of his latest venture, his new production company Screwbox.

In the piece he talked about what motivated to create Screwbox after his stint directing big budget features for Digital Playground….

“I’m not the cookie cutter type of person, and it’s hard to always implement new creative ideas and new techniques on a standard that has been presumed to be set. I always like to open new doors, experiment new things, and test boundaries artistically and technically, so I needed to start something like Screwbox.”

He also talked about some of his favorite pseudo-parody inspired features he did for the DPXXX….

“I put a lot of myself in each project but my favorites would be Apocalypse X, Prey for the Dying, Ride or Die, and Bullet to the Top.”

You can read the full interview from Adult Empire here: Jakodema On Screwbox & Chasing The Dream

For more info follow Jakodema on twitter @Jakodema and visit his site at Screwbox.com

Source: Adult Empire Blog, Twitter, Screwbox


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