“Tommy Pistol Is John Wick?”

Now this came across social media today, our buddy porn parody director Axel Braun tweeted this gem, apparently he’s gonna do a John Wick porn parody and guess who he’s picked to take over the role famously played by Keanu Reeves……

Yep you guessed it, Best Actor winner Tommy freakin Pistol!  Now Tommy has worked with Axel before as The Joker in last year’s Suicide Squad XXX.  Don’t know if this is a hilarious joke from Axel and maybe he made this poster on his laptop while on the set of Justice League XXX or he’s serious about this.

Regardless, if they were going to shoot a John Wick porn parody they should change the name to “John Dick” and maybe the Continental hotel should be a brothel for serial killer hookers, were just giving you free ideas now Axel, your welcome.

Source: Twitter 


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