“Woodrocket Partners Again With Pornhub, More Parodies Coming”

Woodrocket.com and their co-founder porn parody director Lee Roy Myers have been at it in the porn parody game for a very long time.  You could say they are only now just a handful of porn productions that shoot porn parodies after the genre has died down in the past few years.

Last year Woodrocket and Myers collaborated with tube site giant Pornhub (one of the biggest porn sites in the world) on the Archie comics parody series “Beaverdale” fresh of the success of the CW’s hit show Riverdale.

Now today it seems after the success of that parody series Pornhub and Woodrocket are gonna give us more.  Woodrocket tweeted out an announcement that they have partnered with Pornhub to bring more porn parodies to our computer screens and phones.

Now that’s some damn good news if we ever heard in awhile.  It’s time porn parodies don’t completely die (which they won’t) so hopefully Pornhub/Woodrocket will continue marching along the porn parody train. 

Source: Twitter, The A.V. Club, Pornhub.com


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